My Personal Experience with Wealthy Affiliates

In 2013 after searching for information on affiliate marketing I found Wealthy Affiliate. I immediately joined the community as a paid member but because of the shiny object syndrome I went searching again for greener pastures and allowed my subscription to downgrade to a free member.

Being a free member of the community still allowed me to visit the community often during the years.  I finally committed again in October 2021 as a paid member. This was during the covid pandemic time. Hopefully, this pandemic is over by the time you are reading this.  Everyone in the world during that time was searching for information on starting an online business from home.

Even though I was still employed as an IT Professional during the pandemic that started at the end of 2019, I decided that it was time to begin preparation for working full time from home as an Online Business Owner.  What if I had gotten laid off during this time? Thank God I was blessed and fortunate to still be employed during that time. But I did not just settle for having a job. I eventually decided that I needed a backup plan for whenever something as drastic as a pandemic was to happen again. My goal was to start an online business using the affiliate marketing business model as my foundation. Wealthy Affiliate allowed me the opportunity to begin that journey.

Who and what is Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate community is an affiliate marketing training platform and community designed for affiliate marketers of all levels.  The community has the look and feel similar to the popular Facebook community. That is the best way I can describe it. Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or online business Wealthy Affiliate has a place and a plan for you.

About the Community

You will find real value in this community like I did even if you are new to the internet or online businesses.  The members of the community are all willing to help you whenever you have questions about training modules in the community. At the time of this review there were over 1.4 million active members of the community. I am reminded of the time when I first joined the community.  I was greeted and encouraged by the members with kind words and advice on how to be successful and achieve my goals in affiliate marketing. You must experience this yourself to understand what I am saying and the value in the community.

Key Features of Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate has over 400 hours of live training in addition to training modules prepared by the leaders in the community.  Almost every week in the community there is live training scheduled for you to attend. Courses in affiliate marketing are available for users of all levels.

When I first joined the community or I should say on my return to the community, I went directly to the boot camp training.  This training shows you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate to persons searching for training in affiliate marketing. They even have incentives for you if you are successfully promoting the site to other users.  Incentives like attending a live training session every year in Las Vegas with the leaders of the community. Many other training modules are available on affiliate marketing in general in the community.

How to Join the Community and get started on your Affiliate Marketing Journey

The Wealthy Affiliates community is Free to join with the option to become a paid member once you are satisfied with the value of the community.   Once you are on the inside please look me up.  You can search for my profile and add me as a friend by following me.

My profile name is ‘andrew2013’. To join the community for Free please click on the graphic below and follow the steps to join the community.  I will see you on the inside.

Join Wealthy Affiliates by clicking on the graphics below.