What is an affiliate marketing program

We can never begin to talk about affiliate marketing programs without first understanding the role of the affiliate marketer and affiliate marketing in general.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model in marketing where companies pay external persons or advertisers a commission for selling a product on their behalf. These persons that advertise for the company are also known as affiliates and third-party publishers

The diagram above gives a good illustration of the role of an affiliate marketer. Just as the photo implies he is the middle man in the sales transaction. The customer buys a product from the merchant through the affiliate marketer using his unique link given to him by the company. If the sale is successful the affiliate will then earn a commission.

Instead of hiring a full-time marketing person, a company can save thousands of dollars by allowing the affiliate marketer to sell their product on their behalf for a commission. The affiliate will in term use their resources to advertise to acquire leads and traffic for the product. You can earn a full-time income online by becoming an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is something that I do and love doing. It is so easy to start an online business using this business model. This business model is lucrative if done the correct way. It is a proven model for starting a business online.

So What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

Okay, now that we have a basic understanding of Affiliate marketing let’s talk about what this article is all about. So what is an affiliate marketing program? Glad you ask. A good example of an affiliate marketing program is the one at Amazon.com, Click Bank, and Wealthy Affiliate.

Example Affiliate Marketing Companies

Amazon and Click Bank are popular affiliate companies that facilitate the selling of client products and their products using Affiliates. If you have a product of your own and need help selling your product your can list your product with Amazon or Click Bank depending on what the product is about.

Once you join any of these programs as an affiliate you are given an affiliate link with a special ID that is used to track your sales so you can be paid your commissions. You can even be an affiliate of your product.


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